I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI): Gage Beland Benefit

Among the smiling faces was that of Nicky Cummings, who has returned to racing after his nasty crash in Dayton ('09)! Yes, it's true... Nicky raced in Michigan the prior week, and plans on racing again, ASAP. He is taking things casually, competing in Amateur events rather than pursuing his GNC license, and is looking FANTASTIC! His big dream, right now, is to do an exhibition lap in Lima, OH, to let all of the fans who supported him through his recovery know that he is doing well.

Craig Breckon gets a shoutout, for the most creative leathers I've seen in a while. He wowed the crowd with his form, on the Knight-framed Honda 500 4-valver. At the age of "pushin' 60," Craig cites his hero as being 72-year old sensation, Jack Warren.

Charlie Gerencer gets a shoutout, too... not only for the best silhouette shot of the evening, but for the endearing optimism and strength he continues to display in the face of opposition.

The benefit featured two fantastic bands, who entertained us ALL DAY. One played a huge variety of classic and contemporary rock... the other, country rock. This guy was the drummer for BOTH BANDS. He only got up from his stool twice, the entire day, that I saw... and NEVER MISSED A BEAT, no matter what song they were playing.

Future wheelie king? Perhaps! Kevin Stollings is definitely contending for the title!

Coolest new invention, we saw displayed, is this multi-setting headlight (which can be mounted on a helmet or on your bike), for less than $100!

Last, but not least, was this Kawasaki that Gordy Schopieray was racing... I don't know the specs, but that beast had to be pushing 1000cc. While he said it was a bit difficult to maneuver through the turns, it sure had NO problem shooting down the straights! Plus, it sounded BEAUTIFUL.

  You can find full results from the day's races on Flattrack.com. We also have our full photo album posted, online.

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